Himalayan Dog Chews

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  • FURRSAAN Himalayan Dog Chews are 100% Vegetarian and completely grain/gluten-free, providing complete and balanced nutrition.
  • These chews are made from Yak Milk, Cow Milk, Lime Juice, and Salt. No colors, chemicals, or preservatives are used.
  • These treats are processed in line with world-class food processing standards and a hygienic environment. This makes it a perfect, healthy, hygienic treat for your Fur Ball.
  • These chew treats are Rich in Protein & Low in Fat. The hard bars will keep your baby busy for extended periods.
  • FURRSAAN Himalayan Dog Chews are excellent for all-sized dogs. It has high nutrition content and is responsible for stronger teeth and gums, shinier fur, better eyesight, and increased energy.